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“The theft of the century” British gold safe deposit gets stolen

“The theft of the century” British gold safe deposit gets stolen

Literally, the theft of the century has been committed during Easter Holidays in Britain, particularly in the Hatton Garden safe deposit in London is now missing jewels and diamonds with the total cost of 100 million euros. As stated by British news portal Daily Star, this theft may appear at the top of the list of Britain's most important thefts.

The thieves got into the safe deposit through the tunnel that they had dug, which resembles famous “Ocean's 11” stealing strategy. After that they switched off the alarm system, and withdrew the jewelery from approximately 300 vaults. The workers of the company discovered what happened only on Tuesday morning.

Police authorities informed that the robbers used a cutting tool to get inside the basement. No signs of theft were found outside the building, but a piece of a rope found in the hall.



This theft is not an isolated example. Frequently similar cases of thefts in jewelry stores and safe deposits appear in the news. It is sufficient to recall the case of the Berlin bank theft in 2013, where thieves dug an underground tunnel, which, according to experts, could have taken weeks!

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