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Fake kangaroo: counterfeit gold bars appeared in Australia

Fake kangaroo: counterfeit gold bars appeared in Australia

The Australian Mint “Perth Mint” published a notification concerning counterfeit gold bars, with the engraving of a kangaroo. The Mint rushed to publish this information as the authorities and experts of the Mint find their reliability is threatened.

At first sight, gold bars bear a resemblance to the original ones for instance regarding their weight of 1 troy ounce. “Perth Mint” points at the main of them:


The first detail to take into account is the package. The package which include gold bars have the image of a black swan, while the fake ones lack don't. Secondly, the edges of the packages including fake gold bars are folded, while the original ones are always straight. Thirdly, the inscriptions on the original package differs from that of the fake ones. Finally, regarding the quality of the gold bar, it is far from being perfect if the logo of the bar is observed.

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